Premium Iceberg Vodka Running Out Of Icebergs


Iceberg Vodka, the premium spirit based in St John’s, Newfoundland, uses incredibly pure, iceberg water. Sadly they are running out of icebergs.

They source their water from local icebergs but thanks to global warming, their supply is drying up. Or more accurately – not arriving. The changing weather patterns have caused most icebergs to abandon their southerly journey through “Iceberg Alley”. Consequently, local fisherman are finding it more and more difficult to harvest them.

This has been a lean year for icebergs,” confirms Frank Heaps, CEO of Iceberg Vodka. “Our product’s exceptional smoothness and taste is very much a result of the iceberg water, which comes from icebergs formed 12,000 years ago, when mother nature was still a virgin. If they cannot be found near St. John’s where the product is made we are forced to go further afield to find them.”

“The reason that icebergs are so important for Iceberg Vodka is more than just the name. Technically speaking, tap water, which many spirits are made with, typically contains 200-300 of impurities while water from icebergs contains just .04 ppm.”

To meet their iceberg needs, the company has has to start procuring water from just off Labrador and has gone as far as Greenland.