Penhaligon’s Introduces As Sawira To Its Trade Routes Collection


Penhaligon’s is set to launch its latest fragrance ‘As Sawira’ this this February. The addition to Penhaligon’s famed Trade Routes Collection, As Sawira is inspired by the city Essaoiura, which became the first seaport of Morocco in the nineteenth century. With extensive trade connections toLondon, many of the commodities which adorned the wharves of the docklands would have originated from there.

As Sawira is a sensual and exotic blend, a truly unique treasure: a woody and resinous chypre of incomparable tenacity. The fragrance opens with radiant and sparkling bergamot and saffron, alongside bitter herbal notes of absinthe and davana. An intensely rich bouquet of roses, carnation and jasmine bursts into life, given an animalic warmth from labdanum and amber. The velvety, smoky drydown of guaiac, sandalwood and patchouli is supported by the resinous splendour of oud and myrrh, and sweetened by vanilla and musk. As Sawira is a truly extravagant fragrance and will be available for S$340.