One Card To Rule Them All: Coin


How many of you have one too many cards that call your wallet home? Most of us have wallets that are being invaded by an ever increasing amount of cards. Credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, ATM cards etc… Well, what if we told you that all you need is one? “One card to rule to them all.” perfectly describes the Coin.

Alright, we understand the confusion…this incredible card-sized device is called “Coin”. It isn’t an actual coin. We are not really sure why the folks who created this wonderful device named it “Coin”. The Coin allows you to leave home with just one card and still have access to your credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and ATM cards. All you need to do is to ‘load’ in your cards with a card reader that connects to your smartphone. You can use the Coin to switch between cards. Watch the video below to get a better understanding how the Coin works.