NYFW Fall/Winter 2015: Mongol


Photo Credits (Jorge Hernandez via Moda & Estilo)

Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu is in a contemplative mood, one that had derived a collection that had roped in her strong affinity with her own ethnic background. Her models snaked down the runways, sporting brocades translated on hot fuschia. They wore heavily nomadic themed pieces reminding one of jockey harnesses and fur trims – a nod to Bayarmaa’s childhood in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Her decade-old label Mongol has brought about some retrospect into her past, and perhaps even what her future brings (imagine cashmere jumpsuits with a dash of orientalism). One might even keep tabs on her for her unwavering insights into this revisit to chinois sensibilities.

The big surprise was the stressing of glitz for FW 2015 / 2016. This is a woman whose credibility is rooted in East-meets-West, hence a glittering coat done in deep, auspicious burgundy were notable highs from this collection. Her signature use of raw materials from Mongolia sparks a renaissance of fair trade businesses. This resounding belief will eventually manifest as a social exercise to proliferate fashion diversity. Wait for it: nothing will stop this visionary from stretching her urbanite, quasi-sino leotards to your homes.