List of International Schools in Singapore

There are many international schools in Singapore, reflecting its status as a main expat destination in Asia. While Singapore’s education system has an excellent reputation and strives to constantly improve its public schools, most expat parents prefer to send their children to international schools in Singapore instead. Read on for an extensive, albeit not complete, overview of International Schools in Singapore (in alphabetic order).


Top International Schools In Singapore

Schools with a National Curriculum

Some international schools in Singapore target expat children from a certain country and offer a national curriculum. These are a good choice for children who are due to return to their home country soon. That way, they will easily transition back into the local school system without further difficulties. However, they also make it harder for children to adjust to local culture in Singapore. This is why many of them also offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) system or international degree courses. Some of these international schools in Singapore include:

Australian International School offers both the IB and Australian National Curriculum. Students get to choose between the IB diploma and the Australian Higher School Certificate.

Avondale Grammar School is an independent grammar school which is licensed by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards in Australia.

German European School Singapore provides education with both a German and an English IB curriculum.

Hollandse School Singapore offers a Dutch curriculum.

INSWorld Institute gives students the chance to choose between an IGCSE diploma and the British A Levels.

Japanese School Singapore is present with three campuses in Singapore and offers a Japanese Certificate of Graduation.

Lycée Français de Singapour offers a French education to expat children.

Rain Trees Kindergarten is a preschool based on the UK national curriculum.

Singapore American School offers a US American curriculum. There is a large majority of students from the American nationality (about 62 per cent of the student population).

Stamford American International School offers both a credit-based high school diploma and the IB diploma.

Swiss School in Singapore is a relatively small school offering education according to Swiss standards.

International and IB Schools

While most international schools in Singapore offer both a national and an international curriculum, some schools have a predominantly international curriculum. Some of these schools are:

ACS International Singapore is a Christian school with an international academic program.

Canadian International School offers the IB program and has two campuses in Singapore.

Chatsworth International School has two school campuses in Singapore and offers the IGCSE, the IB, and a Chatsworth High School Diploma.

GEMS World Academy offers an international curriculum preparing students for the IB.

German European School Singapore also offers an IB curriculum (as mentioned above).

Hillside World Academy (previously called the Chinese International School) caters to children from kindergarten to high school and offers both the IB and IBDP.

Hwa Chong International School is a Singaporean private school offering the IGCSE and IB.

ISS International School is an international school with an IB program for all age groups.

Nexus International School Singapore offers the IB, the English National Curriculum, and the IGCSE, dependent on the child’s year group.

One World International School has adopted the IB curriculum for its primary years and the UK curriculum with the IGSCE from grade six onwards.

Overseas Family School has a curriculum based on the IB and IGCSE, which also includes the Model United Nations.

Rosemount International School / Kindergarten offers education from kindergarten to grade two level.

SJI International School is an international elementary school and high school with an IB and IGCSE program.

Tanglin Trust School  is an international school in Singapore run as a non-profit organisation. One of the advantages of Tanglin Trust School is that it offers the dual pathway of “A Levels” or IB Diploma at sixth form.

United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) has two campuses, both offering a K-12 curriculum leading to the IGCSE and then the IB Diploma.


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