JStar Contest and “Tokyo Fashion Night” After-Party


The Japanese influence on fashion has been well spread in Singapore and held as a favorite amongst our young population. The recent Jstar contest held at JRunway store, Plaza Singapura, was revamped into a stage with 20 selected contestants (out of more than 300) for  the JStar contest, showcasing their swag with complete confidence while promoting their own Japanese fashion style, on 15th May.

The after party, Tokyo Fashion Night, held at the new Japanese-concept club in town, KYO, celebrated the announcement of 10 short-listed finalists including Jacquelin, Yi Shean, Olivia, Pearlin, Lynn, Yiling, Yu Sha, Rachel, Liwnen, and Syiirin who will receive a jackpot of one-year modeling appointment with JRunway.

Thanks to their passion of Japanese styling, that’s not all. The grand winner, who will be chosen among the ten later on 1st November at the JRunway’s anniversary, will be entitled to 5 days of modeling experience in Japan, a tour to Harajuku and Shibuya, as well as other envious privileges. How exciting!





JStar finalists1 (L-R): Syiirin, Liwen, Yiling, Rachel, Yi Shean


JStar finalists2 (L-R): Jacquelin, Yu Shan, Pearlin, Lynn, Olivia


The models from BARK in STYLe – Taku, Kenji, Kureyama, Hiroshi Fuji, Yukihide, and Sofia Wakabayashi (former finalist of Asia’s Next Top Model) enlivened the runway of Tokyo Fashion Night, before the 20 finalists spun their outfits through the crowd. Another models from BARK IN STYLe, who shifted into DJGO and Yukihidemade it to turn the party on. The judges, Mr Ken Soda, CEO of BARK in STYLe, Hong Qui Ting a.k.a. Bong QiuQiu, Singaporean blogger, Natsuko Togo from S-Cawaii model, and Mr Kenji Chigira, CEO of Apparel Web Inc. were ruling to pick the best potential finalists.

Mr. Soda from Bark agency shared his thought: “I believe this will be a great opportunity to find and grow a talented Singaporean to start a modeling career. If he/she is suitable, I would like to invite him/her to my agency in Japan where he/she could flourish as a model. By doing so, Japan and Singapore will have more in common in the fashion industry and more fashion cultural exchange will be made.” So if you missed this opportunity, make sure you sign up next time!