Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge F1 Party 2012


Fay Hokulani (2nd from left), Dawn Yang (center), Liv Lo (extreme right)

Close to 2,000 guests partied at the regional debut of Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge, which took place over the exhilarating Formula 1 weekend in Singapore in September 2012.

Held at the spectacular Gardens by the Bay, the guest list to this by invitation-only party consisted of celebrities such as Jason Godfrey, Jourdan Lee, Keagan Kang, Kevin Lester and Aarika Lee from SIXX and Singapore Idol Sezairi Sezali.

Guests at the Circuit Lounge were treated to a stellar entertainment line-up including DJs Clinton Sparks and Disco Fries, as well as DJ Ray Ray from Taiwan and Dave Does from Sydney.


Tabitha Nauser (extreme left), Sezairi Sezali (4th from left), Aarika Lee from SIXX (5th from left) and Kevin Lester from SIXX (2nd from right)


Power 98 DJs Emily Teng (extreme left), Charmaine Phua (3rd from left), Young Leong (3rd from right) and Shareen Wong (extreme right)


Jason Godfrey and Harry Corro


Keagan Kang, Angeline Tan


Co-founders of the Butter Factory, Bobby Luo and Ritz Lim (extreme left and 2nd from left), DJ Andrew T (middle), guest and Celeste Chong


DJ Clinton Sparks


DJ Ray Ray