Henry Tuke Launches World’s Most Expensive Champagne Sabre


Henry Tuke celebrates the launch of its new Champagne saber with a round of Champagne sabrage at the historic cellars of champagne house Carnard-Duchene in Ludes near Rheims, France. Billed as the most expensive in the world, the Champagne sabre will set you back by £27,000

Tom Tuke-Hastings, founder of Henry Tuke, smashed the world record by sabering 35 bottles of Canard-Duchene’s Cuvee Leonie in one minute. Hand-forged from stainless Damascus steel in England with solid sterling silver fittings and a shagreen grip, the Champagne sabre is crafted on the luxury brand’s principle ‘Good enough, is simply not good enough’.

Henry Tuke muses “Our Champagne saber is a thing of beauty and it has a party-filled life ahead of it. Today, it has had the perfect start to life by sabering some delicious wines and setting a new world record in the art of sabrage. We were really pleased with the product and after sabering 35 bottles, there was not a single scratch on the blade due to the quality of the steel”.

The base of the stand for this cutting instrument is made out of ancient oak reclaimed from the original Roman docks in London and dendrochronologically dated to 70AD.