For those of you who would like to get involved with our online portal, we are always open to guest contributions on the “VOICE” page of our online portal – topics of fashion, lifestyle (art & culture, travel & living, wine & dine), luxury, and more… (No COSTS AT ALL) If you have something you’d like to say, we encourage you to write it – even if English isn’t your first language. We’ll try work with you to enhance your piece, however, we do ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Submit your piece via email or in a plain text file. If you have images, you can send them as attachments.
  • We like outgoing links because it’s another way of adding valuable information for our readers, even if it isn’t on our site. So don’t hesitate to link out to the references in your article.
  • NO blatant self-promotion. While we do allow for you to describe yourself or your company in the bio, if you have some relationship to the topic you’re discussing you need to disclose that in the interests of being transparent with our readers.
  • Clarity over length, – Short and sweet is the key, around 300-400 words is more than good enough for us. Adding additional words that aren’t required isn’t necessary.
  • Your post MUST be original, and not have been published elsewhere. Also, if you plan to post it somewhere else in the future, we’d like a heads up, as it may affect our decision in whether or not to accept it. And we will not hesitate to remove the content should it be published elsewhere.
  • If you use quotes from elsewhere, be sure to properly present them (in quotes or blockquotes), and then give credit either with a hyperlink or a footnote. This is our most important rule, and violating it is punishable by death. Ok, not really. But we get really pissed.
  • Quality references (e.g. news websites, university journals, etc.), will add credibility to your article.

For other segments, other than VOICE, contributed articles/guests posts will cost US$500 (S$750).

Still interested? If so, drop us a line at wardrobetrendsfashion[at] and tell us your first story idea.

Your message should include:

  • the text of your article, which should be in the body of the email, not an attachment.
  • contact details, including a telephone number.
  • confirmation that you are the sole author of the work, and that you are offering the WTF exclusive publication rights.
  • a photo of yourself taken beside a computer screen (laptop/desktop/mobile/table) with our website on the screen, for verification purpose.

We read all submissions promptly, but because we receive so many, we are unable reply unless there is a possibility of publication. If we have not made contact within seven days, you are free to take your work elsewhere. Editors will not be able to discuss unsolicited material if reached by phone.