Gisele Bündchen Body Secrets & Favourite Exercises: Kung Fu


Happy birthday, Gisele Bündchen! The supermodel turns 33 today, and whether she’s going glam on the cover of a magazine or spending time with her two kids, Gisele always has a healthy glow. While she probably has a few good genes on her side, Gisele leads an active lifestyle that includes a varied fitness routine. Of the dozens to choose from, find out which workouts really get her excited.

Martial Arts


After moving to Boston, Gisele immersed herself in martial arts, most notably kung fu and tai chi. Gisele told Vogue that she did kung fu “up until two weeks before Benjamin was born.” Of her dedication, her teacher Yao Li, of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute, toldVanity Fair, “She wants it every day.” Gisele describes tai chi as “moving meditation” and has also said that she meditated her way through Benjamin’s birth.

On average, Li says Gisele does kung fu three times per week for 90-minute sessions. If you want to work out like Gisele, try Li’s kung fu workout.

Extracurricular Activities


Active since a little girl, Gisele grew up playing volleyball, doing gymnastics, and taking ballet. A self-professed athlete, Gisele’s active lifestyle has followed her into adulthood. From riding bikes to surfing, Gisele is not content to just sit around.

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The Tracy Anderson Method


Always one to mix up her fitness routine, Gisele has been a devoted fan of the Tracy Anderson Method in Studio City. Besides Tracy’s energetic dance aerobics classes, celebs love the trainer for giving them long, lean bodies that are strong and defined.

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Anusara Yoga


Along with kung fu, Gisele cites Anusara yoga as her all-time favorite workout, usually beginning each morning with an hour of the practice. Yogini Amy Lombardo introduced Gisele to yoga over a decade ago and told People that when she works with Gisele, her routine incorporates lunges, tricep push-ups, and core work. During pregnancy, Gisele scaled back to yoga three times per week; now daughter Vivienne, born in December 2012, accompanies her during her morning practice.

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The Outdoors


Despite being a jet-setting mother of two, Gisele takes time to enjoy the outdoors with her family — while burning a few calories along the way. She recently shared a picture of her on a morning hike with her daughter and dog; just days later, she was at it again.

(Source: Instagram user giseleofficial)