Flower Diamond Introduces 3 New Jewellery Brands

Singapore multi-label jewellery store Flower Diamond celebrates its 17 anniversary by adding three new brands ‒ Palmiero, Damaso and August Gerstner – to its stable

Shopping for jewellery can be a very personal experience; and buying a new piece of fine jewellery can mark an important moment in a woman’s life. Singaporean fine jeweller Flower Diamond understands this well and has revamped its store to create a more intimate atelier.

Its founder Belinda Chua was impressed by the smaller jewellers that she encountered in Europe where she felt that the customers were engaged on a personal level. The 915 square foot boutique has luxurious interior finishes that reflect the craftsmanship, quality and design of the jewellery it houses.

Coincidentally, the jeweller also celebrates its 17th anniversary with the new boutique. Besides its in-house label, the store also features various other fine jewellery labels from all round the world. To add more fanfare to the occasion, three new brands have been introduced ‒ Palmiero, Damaso, and August Gerstner.


Palmiero’s Haiku Four Seasons Watch Collection

Palmeiro hails from the northern Italian city of Piemonte, also known as the Italian capital of fine jewellery. The luxury jewellery brand is known to push the envelope with its avant-garde designs. Singapore customers will be wow-ed by Palmeiro’s fine watch collection – also the first time Flower Diamond boutique is retailing fine watches. These mini works of arts are inspired by the Japanese poetry form Haiku and translates poignant moments into small painting set on the faces of the timepieces. To add to its exclusivity, only 50 pieces of each design were made.


From left:  Eclipse, Elastic and Kibanda collections from Damaso

For Spanish jewellery brand Damaso’s debut in Singapore, Flower Diamond Boutique will be presenting the Eclipse, Elastic and Kibanda collections. The Eclipse and Kibanda ranges are more classic concepts of jewellery design but the younger crowd will love the free-spirited Elastic collection. Customisable combinations of gold and diamonds are held together by elastic for a fresh take on fine jewellery.


August Gerstner wedding bands

Engaged couples looking for their wedding bands will do well to visit the jewellery boutique for its August Gerstner selection. The Germany-based label is one of the oldest and largest wedding ring band makers in the world and has pioneered a scratch-resistant technique that reduces wear to a minimum – after all, a wedding band is for life.

Palmiero, Damaso and August Gerstner is exclusively available at Flower Diamond Boutique at #03-02 Takashimaya S.C., Tel: 6734 1221.