Fashion Consumer Groups


Identifying fashion consumer group is important for manufactures and retailers as on basis of it they target their consumer group. Consumers can be identifies with various stages of the fashion cycle.


1. Fashion Leaders

Fashion leaders dare to be different and grab a lot of attention of the public. They look for new fashion and wear it before it is acceptable by the mass. Fashion Leaders are very small in percentages and are usually celebrities and media favorite people who require to grab a lot of attention to maintain their popularity.


Fashion Leaders fall in two categories:

A) Fashion Innovators: Some Fashion Leaders create new fashion as they are confident of their taste and are least concern about approval form others. They constantly hunt for new styles, fabrics and way to accessorize their clothes. They may impetus to a certain styles by discovering and wearing it. They may be referred as fashion forward or avant- gard. Example: Madonna & Lady Gaga are true Fashion Leaders creating new fashion.


B) Fashion Motivators or Fashion Role Models:  Fashion Role models are few, known for their talent, beauty, status, wealth become very popular among the public. Their presence can be seen in public events, films and television. They are photographed and often are seen on magazine cover pages and other press release. Young people find their Fashion Role Models on supermodel, rock stars, and television stars. Example:  Jackie Onassis and Princess Diana both were the most powerful icon and Fashion Role model of their time.



2. Fashion Victims

People who are slave to signatures and follow blindly a brand without seeing if it suits them are Fashion Victims. They will buy any apparel that is in fashion without any analysis.


(Photo: Fashion Victim |

3. Fashion Followers

Fashion followers are people who follows a fashion that is accepted through conformity and follow world, national, or community Fashion Leaders and they follow Fashion Trends.