Does This Girl Look Like Cara Delevingne?


A 14-year-old Uruguay girl, Olivia Herdt has caught attention on social media thanks to her striking resemblance to ‘Paper Towns’ star Cara Delevinge.

Olivia has amassed over 21,000 Instagram followers thanks to her similar look. “I wish cara could follow me or like my pic…if you think that i look a little like her pls tag her its really important for me because she is my idol,” the teenager captioned one picture with. Cara has yet to respond to all the attention. But do you think Olivia looks like Cara or is it all in people’s minds?

Here are a few more images of Olivia below and for reference, Cara!


A 14-year-old girl in Uruaguay bears a striking resemblance to Cara Delevingne. (Photo: Instagram)


Olivia Herdt has called attention to their lookalike status on her Instagram page.


For reference, here is Cara Delevingne on Instagram earlier this month.