Buben & Zörweg Time Mover Technology


Even though Buben & Zörweg was founded only 19 years ago, it is at the top of its game and a world leader when it come to watch winding technology. Always looking to improve its products and services, the German company is now taking its renowned watch winder technology to a whole new level. Already considered to be the most advanced of its kind, the Buben & Zorweg Time Mover recently got upgraded with a new set of features that adapt to the demands of today’s more rare and precious self-winding wristwatches.

The new Time Mover technology boasts a lower operating sound and lesser energy consumption. The upgrade also includes greater durability through the use of special ball bearings and new materials that performed flawlessly during Buben&Zorweg’s endurance tests lasting up to 40,000 hours (equivalent to an operating lifetime of 45 years). Even the watch holders were given special attention…they can now accommodate self winding watches with cases of up to 60mm  in diameter, and even timepieces with prominent crowns.

Another new feature incorporated into the new Buben&Zorweg Watch Winder Technology is the new Safety Catch Mechanism, that allows the watch holder to be safely and easily clicked into position. These upgrades are the result of two and a half years of research and development in collaboration with Buben&Zorweg’s partner brand, ELMA.