Audi Fashion Festival 2014: Hansel


‘Fairy Lights’ – The light bulb was a recent invention in the last millennium, a daily stable we have relied on and cannot live without. Hung and placed everywhere to eliminate darkness to illuminate the surroundings. This light bulb was used as a motif to string Hansel’s Fall Winter collection together this season at the Audi Fashion Festival.

The audiences were welcomed with strings of fairy lights projected on the walls . As we all know designer Jo Soh for being quirky and crafty she also had bulbs hanging off the end of the runway.

Models skipped down the runway vivaciously in high pony tails threw high fives in the air, taking selfies with their phones and presented their friendly handshakes on the runway. The show brought the energy of the crowd so high that even I had thoughts of joining them in the parade.

Jo engineered her fairy light motifs creatively from mandalas to clusters and scattered them all around her basics of jersey and knits. It has been an awesome journey for Hansel celebrates her 10th anniversary this year, indeed something worth celebrating.

Photography by Ee Shuen

Guest Writer: WTF Stylist, Joel De Shang