WardrobeTrendsFashion (WTF) is a pioneer in the online luxury lifestyle publication industry. Our targeted editorial and ad content reaches highly engaged 25- to 45-year-old affluent urban populations, which are increasingly turning to the Internet as their primary source of information – and have the income to act on what they read.

Why Advertise Online?

For every marketing dollar spent on online initiatives, the return in Asia was $1.78, exceeding the returns of all other formats including TV, print, out of home, and trade. (source Nielsen)

Expert review websites are the second most trusted source of media for consumers in Asia (after recommendations from friends and
family) ahead of TV ads, product placement, magazines, blogs and general web portals. (Source: TNS; Qc1; Base – All Respondents)

Before making a purchase or making a reservation, 60% of Asian consumer will turn to online review first (source: Nielsen)

Asians spend over 14 hours online per week. over three times as much as they spend consuming print media (source: e-marketer oct 2012)

The Website

WardrobeTrendsFashion (WTF) is developed with the urban Asian trendsetter in mind.

The site delivers up to date information about luxury fashion, entertainment, travel, profiles and much more.

With our mobile first approach the site offers an equally great experience on tablets and smartphones as on a desktop device.

How to Advertise with us?

We provide advertisers a targeted platform in the online space to reach responsive audiences through digital and social media, creating more exposure and driving more revenue to your business.

We have two main types of advertising – banners and editorial campaigns.

Banner Advertising

Our banner advertising positions are as follows. Most sizes are variable this is just a guideline:

Top Leaderboard 1000×150 (Site wide, Above Fold)
Upper Right – 300×250 Banner (ROP)
Lower Right – 300×250 Banner (ROP)
Bottom Leaderboard 1000×150 (Site wide)

Our banner advertising is displayed throughout our site to over 600,000 visitors each month. Discount packages are available for multiple months, please contact us for our latest rates and a full media kit with visualizations of the banner positions.

Editorial Campaigns

This is the advertising option we highly recommend because it utilises the strength of our social media channels, bloggers and engaging media we produce. It captures the essence of advertising on new media perfectly and is best used in conjunction with banners.

We don’t simply provide dry media buyouts. We create exciting media that make readers sit up, be impressed and remember your brand name, the hallmark of all good advertising. Its like hiring a creative agency without the associated high cost.

A front page feature, blogger hosted video, featured listing status and social medial coverage over several months all rolled into one highly discounted package. It could be for a single sponsored post or a whole campaign with 15 articles and 6 videos over 4 months. We also provide copywriting services and other digital services but its our traffic and reach that you ultimately want to utilise.