12 Vendome High Jewelry Collection From Chaumet


Chaumet Le Grand Frisson necklace in white gold with a pear cut diamond pendant

Chaumet brings back historic pieces in their 2013 High Jewelry Collection, which pays homage to Chaumet’s Maison at 12 place Vendôme in Paris.

The collection is numbered one to twelve, and features 12 modern and chic jewelry sets. The jewelry sets feature a range of exquistely crafted tiaras, necklaces, and jewels, each inspired by the elegance of Maison Chaumet at 12 place Vendôme, which houses the brands salon, museum, workshop, creative studios, as well as their private mansion.

The tiaras, first created for Empress Josephine, still retain the essence of ultimate sophistication that the Empress emanated, with precise cut baguette diamonds featuring on the headpieces, or if it tickles your fancy, a feathered headpiece. The necklaces, meanwhile, are inspired by the long sautoir pearl necklaces of the 1920’s, and as suspected, pearls and diamonds steal the show.

Feel like love is buzzing around you? Then you’ll love their Bee My Love collection as well, featuring bejeweled and colored bees for a fun twist and change from classic patterns and shapes.


Chaumet Bee My Love necklace in white gold, diamonds, 48 multicoloured cultured pearls


Bee my love earrings in white gold, set with diamonds, yellow sapphires and spessartite garnets


Bee my love necklace in 18K white gold with diamonds, yellow sapphires, spessartite garnets


Chaumet Attrape-moi… Si tu m’aimes Ring Bee, yellow gold, diamonds, yellow topaz


Chaumet necklace in 18k yellow gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, white pearls, rock crystal and matrix opal balls


Chaumet Aigrette tiara in 18k white rhodium gold, and feathers, pave-set with brilliant cut diamonds, violet tanzanites, blue tourmalines and cabochon-cut white opal