Valmont Launches Prime AWF Anti-Wrinkle Care Line


Valmont’s all-new Prime AWF anti-wrinkle care line

Valmont has combined an exclusive wrinkle-fighting weapon with three anti-aging ingredients to create Prime AWF complex, forming the heart of a new range of anti-wrinkle products. The seven-strong line boasts increasing concentrations of high-performance active ingredients to treat wrinkles at each stage of their development, thus helping women of different targeted age groups to keep the years off their face.

The Swiss company is renowned in the skincare industry for its scientific research and tenacity in the fight against aging. Five years ago it launched the Wrinkle War project, charging four leading international laboratories to compete against each other in a battle to develop the best cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides. The victorious lab produced a peptide mixture that achieves the effects of retinal without incurring any of the disadvantages.

The Prime AWF was conjured by combining this cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides, which works to increase collagen synthesis and helps the dermis regain its density, with three other proven Valmont ingredients. Triple DNA provides energy elements critical for the skin’s vitality and cellular regeneration. RNA liposome, transported to the depths of the skin, activates cells and the DNA potentiating powers within, and anti-MMP complex derived from shiitake preserves the integrity of structures damaged by fine lines and loss of firmness.

We suggest that you begin with Polyfactor Repair Serum Factor III+, an ideal base for any of the Prime AWF creams. Those with expression lines and crow’s feet can look to the Expression Line Reducer Factor I and Expression Line Reducer Eye Factor I, while chrono-biological lines can be combated with the Firming Lifting Corrector Factor II duo. Dermo-Structuring Master Factor III creams for face and eye are recommended for women with hormonal-structural lines.


Polyfactor Repair Serum Factor III+


Expression Line Reducer Factor I


Dermo-Structuring Master Eye Factor III