Tom Ford Says Customers Don’t Care About Reviews Anymore

WTFSG_Tom-Ford-Men-Campaign_Instagram’s Tim Blanks sat down with influential designer Tom Ford and talked CFDA awards, Rihanna and how customers no longer care about reviews.

Ford opened up about the change of focus in fashion and how he tried not to be reviewed in the start of his career. “This is why I tried not to be reviewed in the beginning. I wanted to focus on the customer, not the reviews,” says Ford, who revealed his secret marriage earlier this year.

When Blanks assures Ford that customers do in fact read reviews, he simply replies, ” It doesn’t mean I don’t care about reviews, but today a lot of people who are reviewing are bloggers. There’s no longer the hierarchy of an editor in chief on top who hires people with a knowledge and a history and an ability to write and disseminate that information to the rest of the population. Everyone has a voice now, so the person with the loudest voice is the one people listen to.”

(Photo: Tom Ford for Men Campaign | Photo from Instagram)