Supermodelme Season 3


Back with a brand new explosive Supermodelme season 3 starting March 22 on Channel 5!

Reality TV programme SUPERMODELME will be returning with its brand new third season and promises to be even BETTER, BIGGER and MORE SCINTILLATING! With international personality, Lisa Selesner a.k.a. Lisa S, joining the show as the host and resident judge, the new season promises an exhilarating experience.

This adrenaline-packed series features 12 aspiring Asian and mixed heritage contestants. They clash head-to-head through a series of physically and mentally grueling challenges — each vying for a chance to kick start their modeling career. Adding to the power-packed combination, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) professional fighter and strength and conditioning instructor, from EVOLVE fight team, Mitch “The Dragon” Chilson will be the drill master for the physical tasks that the contestants have to go through. After the challenges, the contestants are evaluated on their depth in fashion, mental agility and competitive spirit.

Each week, a panel of judges decides who goes home and who moves closer to achieving their dream. The winner will receive S$20,000 along with attractive prizes from key sponsors and will be given the opportunity to grace the covers of local leading fashion magazines. She will also get a one-year contract with modeling agencies from Singapore and MODELS ONE Hong Kong that represents renowned personalities such as Ana Rivera a.k.a. Ana R.

With ramped up action and boot-camp like challenges, the girls will show that supermodels are not just about glitz and glamour but brains, brawns and determination as well.

Expect a dazzling season three as the program features more familiar international industry experts to judge and mentor the contestants throughout the challenging tasks aimed at helping the models compete in an international arena. Look out for special appearances by international celebrities such as Qi Qi, Dominic Lau, Ana Rivera, Ase Wang and Utt along with other well-known established stylists, photographers and makeup artists.

Season three will also feature luminary personalities as judges. Accomplished individuals such as Editor and Chief of ELLE Magazine, Sharon Lim, recognized model and host, Junita Simon, reputed fashion designer, WyKidd Song and acclaimed model and designer, Cindy Bishop.

Meet The Girls Of Supermodel Me Season 3