Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Day and Night Double Tourbillon Watch


After putting the idea of precious materials in luxury watches to the sword, iconoclastic brand Romain Jerome skewers the beloved tourbillon and the idea of time itself with their Titanic DNA Day and Night Double Tourbillon watch.

As with other watches in the Titanic DNA collection, this one features a case blending rusting steel from the Titanic and steel from the shipyard that made the ill-fated vessel. Romaine Jerome goes one better this time, banishing all indicators of time from their watch, effectively questioning the very nature of the mechanical watch.

The presence of both an exclusive movement and the twin tourbillons – both by specialists BNB Concepts – further attacks the concept of luxury timekeeping. The watch works by using the two 12-hour tourbillons to chart the course of day and night, thus providing its own unique interpretation of the passage of time.