Oprah Winfrey Tweets About Bread, Makes $12.5 Million


She topped the Forbes List of Most Powerful Celebrities five times, most recently in 2013. But how powerful is Oprah Winfrey? With just five words and a hashtag, Weight Watcher’s share price skyrockets by almost 20% as she tweets about her incredible weight loss following the program.

In the accompanying 30-second video, Winfrey announces her love for bread, which she calls “a joy”.

“I don’t deny myself bread,” she says, in her dramatic new video. “That’s the genius of this program. I lost 26 pounds and I have eaten bread every single day.”

According to Market Watch, Weight Watcher’s shares increased by about 18% or $2.10 a share within an hour of the tweet going up. At the close of trading on the same day, Weight Watcher’s share price had surged by a whopping 19.5% to $13.29

The billionaire media mogul paid $43 million for a 10% stake in the company last October, following a temporary spike which saw the stock value rising from $6.79 to $15 before it went back down.

Winfrey’s endorsement, which is part of her deal with Weight Watchers, saw her stake gain $12.5 million in value, and added almost $150 million to the company’s market value.