Larry Jewelry ‘Sense & Sensation’ Ad Campaign


Larry launches new advertising campaign Larry Splendor 2013 marked the prelude of the new page of Larry Jewelry, followed by that Larry is now launching a brand new thematic advertising campaign – the ‘Sense & Sensation,’ directed by Joel Chu, Hong Kong’s own prominent creative director. The new ad aims to bring our audience a new sensational way to feel and appreciate the charm of Larry’s jewelry through five senses which are our sight, our smell, our hearing, our taste and our touch.

In order to get the best visuals, Joel and his production crew travelled to Paris for the shooting. Now, let’s join Joel behind the scenes and see what’s happened there after the jump…




Renowned makeup artist Hisano Komine joins the team after Paris Fashion Week. Hisano has been partnering with many of the top designers every spring and fall during the fashion weeks in Europe.





The ad visuals are photographed by talented photographer Jimmy Ming Shum who knows all the tricks to capture a woman’s charisma on film.