Laikingland At MB&F M.A.D. Gallery


Applause Machines

“We set out to make beautiful kinetic art, but what’s its purpose? To make people smile. Our creative practice is concerned with making kinetic devices that investigate themes of humour, nonsense and futility.” says Martin Smith, who is one half of the British creative partnership, Laikingland.

Martin Smith and Nick Regan are showcasing their smile-inducing kinetic art at the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva. The showcase which runs till early 2014 will include a selection of Laikingland’s unique and quirky pieces like Just About Now, Light A Moment, The Party Popper Machine and Story Time. The exhibition will also include Laikingland’s specially-commissioned masterpieces that include A.W.E. (Automated Winding Engine), the Applause Machines and the Fingers Mk III.

“A.W.E. exhibits many of the skills that we can mould into a Laikingland piece…A strong concept and design direction from Martin Smith; the engineering of the industrial robot body; the technical solutions of cam driven motors, gearboxes and safety sensors; the 3D printing of the elbow joint; and the exquisitely sculptured forearm…It’s really exciting to show this piece and present it as the first Laikingland project that was initiated by a client, MB&F, rather than one of our own pieces.” said Nick Regan.


A.W.E. (Automated Winding Engine)


Fingers Mk III


Just About Now


Light A Moment


The Party Popper Machine


Story Time