Harry Winston HK Fetes New Timepiece Boutique With Grand Opening Ceremony


Harry Winston and Unique Timepieces by Halewinner Watches Group marked the official launch of the Harry Winston timepiece boutique at Elements Mall, Hong Kong with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 9. Actress Charlie Young was guest of honor. Guests in attendance included Victor Hew, Karson Choi, Skye Chan, Crystal Choi, Peter Leung, Henry Chan and Ms Candy Lee.

Victor Hew, managing director of DKSH Hong Kong Limited, said: “Since Harry Winston started its timepiece division combining the high quality craftsmanship of Harry Winston jewels with the time honored tradition of Swiss watchmaking, we have earned a legendary status in the watchmaking industry. Exceptional and gorgeous timepieces are presented by Harry Winston every year and the brand has become one of the watchmaking paragons with timepieces featuring both excellent technical know-how and designs. The opening marks an important step for the Harry Winston brand in Hong Kong as it expands its customer base and symbolizes the brand’s commitment to the Greater China luxury market. With the new Harry Winston timepiece boutique at ELEMENTS, we would like to spread the charisma and philosophy of Harry Winston by building a close relationship with watch aficionados in Hong Kong.”

Meanwhile, Karson Choi, executive director of Halewinner Watches Group, commented: “Founded in 1988, Halewinner has also been customer-oriented and considerate with our professional and high-quality services. We are determined to promote exceptional timepieces to watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs with our passion towards Haute Horologie. We are glad to open the new Harry Winston timepiece boutique at ELEMENTS, the hub of luxurious international brands, to share the brand’s exceptional timepieces in the purest way. The boutique is not only a place for business; it is also a place for us to share the brand’s philosophy in watch-making with our customers. I hope all of you would like the Harry Winston timepiece boutique at ELEMENTS presented by Unique Timepieces and DKSH Hong Kong Limited.”