Damiani Hosts “Carnevale Di Venice” Costume Ball


Most of the time, when we think of Venice, we’re reminded of the “Carnevale di Venice” – translated, it means Carnival of Venice. The annual festival is indubitably famous for its exquisite and elaborate masks. Let’s face it…no-one comes back from a trip to Venice without buying themselves a Venetian mask. Experiencing celebrations such as the Carnevale di Venice, becomes all that more special when you’re being hosted by one of the world’s most respected jewelry maisons, Damiani.

Damiani hosted a costume ball at the end of the three days of festivities. Held at Hotel Danieli – an exceptional location to celebrate Carnevale in Venice, the by-invitation-only event, welcomed some of Damiani’s best customers from all over the globe. These VIPs who arrived especially for the event, on February 18, were given an intimate preview of the maison’s latest masterpieces by Giorgio and Silvia Damiani.


Dr Grace Kong


Giorgio Damiani, Silvia Damiani


Willem Karel Plet, Julia Gunkel, Farida Gunkel, Matthias Gunkel


Sharon and Philip Heng


Kelly Kong, Giorgio Damiani, Dr Grace Kong


Fanty Soenardy