Clariancy Platinum White RF


This handheld device has four modes:

1) Cleansing uses radio frequency (RF) and ions to deep clean,

2) Moisture also uses RF, but this time, to “push” skincare products like serums in,

3) EMS uses electric pulses to stimulate facial muscles, and boost skin elasticity and tautness,

4) Cooling…well, cools and calms skin, and tightens pores.

Every function is preprogrammed to stop after three minutes, which ensures that you never OD, and the first three functions come with five intensity settings. Here’s how to use: Start with damp, clean skin for the full routine or a clean, dry face otherwise. Before each mode, place a moist cotton pad on the device’s head (a magnetic ring holds it in place). Use twice a week – tops (just so your derma still has a job). $798, Clariancy.