By Terry TERRYFIC OUD Collection


For 2015, By Terry‘s creator, Terry de Gunzburg, explores its almost infinite complexity through the creation of her first plural collection TERRYFIC OUD with a new enchanting olfactive duo with remarkable, natural raw materials which are highly addictive – one, through its acidulous-woody freshness, the other through its enigmatic power brought to a fever pitch. TERRYFIC OUD L’Eau and TERRYFIC OUD Extrême, supply a finishing touch to the emblematic TERRYFIC OUD. Due to a taste for the exceptional, the bottles of this new opus are draped in rippling arabesques, evocative of the most beautiful decorations the Oriental world has to offer, radiant gold for a sumptuous olfactory extract, frosted and penetrating freshness for l’Eau.

TERRYFIC OUD Extrême extrait de parfum surges in an outward flow and rises to climactic heights of excellence. Even more luringly, sibylline and provocative, more voluptuous than the original  fragrance, it pushes the sensual, natural rose and genuine Oud wood to a point of transcendence beyond its ultimate limits. The signature is a leathery note bringing a magnetic touch on a luxurious bed of sensual and infinite scents. Inspired by Terry de Gunzburg’s ceaselessly renewed passion for Oriental art, TERRYFIC OUD Extrême’s monolith bottle appears to be sealed with the famous drop of mercury melted into hot gold, and is embellished with a lascivious tapestry of golden, resplendent arabesques, leaving the intense smoky brown nuances just visible inside. This crowning jewel of desert Princes deserves a spectacular and sumptuous receptacle. Rigid, as if embroidered, woven from a thousand gold-tooled arabesques, it is dazzling. To open it is to enter into the palace of wonders, where sensuality rules and desire commands.

In its most dynamic translation, TERRYFIC OUD L’Eau evokes an illumination of the lively, sunny aspect of this captivating perfume, the senses wandering adrift in a labyrinth of woody, resinous, balsamic, and smoky notes. Whilst preserving the unfathomable mystery of the initial fragrance, harmonies come bursting with citrus reminiscent of the Mediterranean delivering fierce freshness. Then, lavender from Sault in Provence provides a tamed spontaneity. Rose, cumin, saffron and cedar combine to capture the heart of this elegant fragrance. The grand finale sees amber, patchouli and musk constructing the Oriental wake of this majestic and impossibly enigmatic Oud. As a perfect counterpoint to its intense vivaciousness, the bottle is itself adorned with a lacing of frost in serpentine curves, revealing a lighter than its original version shade of the fragrance. It is ornamented with a golden plaque and sealed by a sparkling gold mercury drop. The dazzling, invigorating fragrance surges forth from these iced arabesques. Nestled at the heart of a coral box embossed with gold, Terryfic Oud L’Eau is more than a variation on the Oud theme: it is an unexpected oxymoron that is striking to the senses.