Breguet Partners Beethoven Orchestra Bonn For Year End Concert


Martin Ganz, Stephen Ho

Collaborating with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and acclaimed cellist Trey Lee, Swiss watch manufacture Breguet ended last year on a high note with a rapturous concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Center on December 29.

“There is truly nothing better than having so many great artists together under one roof to play the music of Ludwig van Beethoven,” Lee summed up the spirit of the performance, “Since we couldn’t bring everyone to Beethoven’s home in Bonn, Germany, we did the next best thing – we brought his music direct from Bonn to the Hong Kong audience with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and Maestro Blunier.”

The evening was well attended by society’s crème de la crème, including Jonathan Choi, Raymond Ch’ien, Florence Hui, Pamela Tan, Annikki Arponen, Arnaud Barthelemy, Achim Schkade and Kai-yin Lo.


Beethoven Orchestra Bonn


Trey Lee


Rudolf Fildemeister, Silke Otto


(L-R) Kai-yin Lo, Florence Hui, Helen Fong


Zhu Nan Song, Zhu Yang Li Wen