Boucheron Plume de Paon High Jewelry Timepiece


Swirling around the wear’s wrist, the Boucheron Plume de Paon High Jewelry timepiece evokes the iconic ‘Question Mark’ necklace of the Maison. The curves of the feathers are subtly highlighted with a white marble marquetry enhanced by round and baguette diamonds that where specially sculpted for the watch. The ocellus of the feather features a small ring-shaped watch embraced by a small tiara set with baguette diamonds, as a reminder that all women are princesses. The rod of the feather opens to allow the lady to wear the timepiece, while the back of the head features High Jewelry finishings with honeycomb open-work.

Maison Boucheron has taken its daring character even further and has taken up some unique creative challenges for this new timepiece using marble, a material rarely used in High Jewelry. Since earliest Antiquity, the use of marble has been associated with art. This is a precious material that only master craftsmen know how to work with.