Boucheron Brings Gaité Parisienne To Singapore


There are launches and then there are Launches. When is a launch spelled with a capital ‘L’? Boucheron supplied the answer to this question when they rolled out the aubergine carpet at the launch of their flagship store at ION Orchard, Singapore. Yes, aubergine if for no other reason than it’s a Boucheron hallmark.

If Chanel can do black, why not aubergine for Boucheron. Returning to the question above, the stakes are high when a brand is as storied and prestigious as Boucheron. After all, this is the brand that attracted the Maharaja of Patiala to the doors of its Paris boutique in 1928, but that’s a story for another time.


Eager to show that it is in top form, Boucheron took pains to make this launch the ne plus ultra of ION Orchard launches. Lion dances and champagne with Boucheron President and CEO Jean-Christophe Bedos was only the beginning.

Upstairs and outside the store itself, a space had been prepared for guests called the Boucheron Gaite Parisienne Private Club. Here, in this stylized representation of a cabaret club, the Belle Epoque spirit was invoked.

Aside from the tarot reader and the spirits-peddling bartenders from Sweden, Boucheron brought on an uplifting show-stopper: a burlesque performer cavorting in an oversized champagne glass.

Of course, some guests were too bedazzled by the jewelry catwalk show, with models (un)dressed in La Perla Black Limited Edition and faux fur coats to pay any heed to what was happening around them.

For WardrobeTrendsFashion, the highlight of the evening was the Gaming Room, where the clatter of casino chips proved irresistible. In fact, guests were attempting to win not cash but a door gift (or two) and a shot at the grand prize of the evening, the Boucheron “Trouble” Pendant. The man you see Bedos bowing down to in the picture was the lucky winner.