Belle By Harry Winston


Belle Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Named in honor of the estate that started it all, the new Belle by Harry Winston collection is a paean to our enduring love affair with brilliant jewels and their association with marital bliss and commitment.

Comprising an exquisite quartet of an engagement ring, wedding band, earrings and pendant, the Belle collection’s is meant to be a timelessly elegant tribute to the vintage charm of estate jewels. The collection’s distinctive geometric bezel is hand-set with diamond micropavé and is the perfect frame for a round brilliant center stone.

Each diamond is hand-selected and graded by the fine jeweler’s discerning gemologists, to ensure they match the quality of the center stone (D-E-F in color, and VS2 or higher in clarity).

The setting is also constructed by hand from platinum, and molded in order to maximize the fire and scintillation of each individual stone – the painstaking labor and stunning end result echoing the enduring affection accrued from years of courtship and finally, marriage.


Belle Earrings


Belle Pendant


Belle Engagement Ring