5 Ways Your Makeup Is Making You Look Older


Skipping Moisturizer

Think moisturizing daily doesn’t need to be part of your makeup routine? Think again. While you should be doing this even if you’re going bare-faced, it’s absolutely essential to keeping your skin looking as plump, firm and fine-line-free as possible. And you don’t need fancy brands to get the job done. There are some really effective drugstore brands, like Roc and Neutrogena.

Thinking Shimmer and Glitter Makes You Look Youthful

Depending on where you put it, shimmer makeup, frosty lipstick and even liquid highlighter can highlight the spots you don’t want to draw attention to. To be blunt, they highlight wrinkles really well and make you look older. So avoid putting them on any part of your face that creases, like lids, lips and corners. A touch of highlighter on your now prominent cheekbones is quite all right, though.

You Don’t Do Touch-Ups

Makeup that bleeds shows our true age as it settles into those lines underneath our eyes or on the outside of our lips. Do a spot check at least once per day. Clean up excess mascara or lipstick that’s strayed from its original position.

Skipping Primer

Primer deposits a super fine, silky layer on top of your skin for makeup to rest on so it doesn’t settle into those fine lines or wrinkles. The older you get, the more primers you should consider using. Facial, eyeshadow and lip primers are all on the market now.

You’re Going for Heavy Black Liner

It’s a harsh reality, but heavy black eyeliner ages you, making your eyes look smaller and drawing attention to skin that’s less firm than it once was. What to do? Ditch it. Use brown liner and blend it for soft, ageless emphasis. Another option is to apply brown shadow to your lash line with a brush, ensuring you ditch the harsh line for good.