World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake


Your wedding day is typically an affair of extravagance and Delicious Cakes in Dallas were clearly banking on that theory when they created the world’s most expensive wedding cake.

Made in conjunction with the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, it’s estimated to be worth $1.3 million. The 160 pound cake glitters with hordes of sapphires and 1,200 carats of diamonds.

Its smothered in silver ‘luster’ dust icing and when it was given its first public viewing at the Dallas Bridal Show it had to be escorted in by security guards and arrived in an armored vehicle.

It can serve 360 guests with each slice worth $3,125 – so it means you’ll be giving away one amazing doggie bag. Although for any prospective bride, the thought of being outshone by pudding, could be too much to bear.