Who’s That Hottie: Jessica Ee


Landing herself in the hot seat of “Who’s That Hottie” is Jessica Ee – The New Face 2012 Pageant Finalist and aspiring doctor with with the sexiest, show-stopping legs.

How far has a guy ever gone to get your attention?

Well, for the bad kind of attention, I ever experienced a guy sneaking into the changing room to look for me. It was uncalled for and the other girls were not pleased about it obviously. There was also a stalker who tried to trap me in a lift but my trusted male friend managed to drag me out. On the other hand, for the good kind of attention, most guys just talk to me normally. If they try any weird things, I would classify it as bad attention anyway. Oooooooops.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Screaming at the top of my lungs at the roof of Iluma. Yeah that was before it became Bugis+. I’m quite a sane person actually, there’s a fine line between being a free spirit and being outright psychotic.

What is the best thing about being a Model?

 It would definitely be the opportunity to meet and handle different types of personalities. I really like how most of the people I meet when I model are vastly different from my schoolmates and it gives me various new perspectives on life issues.

It is also fascinating to see the multiple roles people have to play in order to create the ideal photoshoot or runway show. Furthermore, modelling has helped in building my confidence and appreciate the good qualities that I thought I didn’t possess.


What was the worst pick up line you have heard?

 How about I give you two!

“Do you remember me?” Like seriously, no.
“I would like to know you on a daily basis and share good secrets.” Maybe I can show you the way out. *gestures to the open window*

3 things you must carry in your bag?

Eyedrops, Mosquito Repellent & A Notebook.

Eyedrops because my eyes are really dry due to my contact lenses. They are essential in making me feel comfortable throughout the day, be in concentrating in class or smizing for photoshoots. Mosquito repellent. I get bitten very frequently and the itch is unbearable!

I used to think that I would only need a repellent when I’m at parks and chalets but noooooo. I can even get mosquito bites when I’m just walking around Novena Square when I’m waiting for my friend. A notebook. Just to jot down interesting things in life. =)


What Turns You On?

I like smart people who look presentable. That is basically it.

Your Favorite Brands?

Hmmm…there’s just too many to choose! I usually shop in the malls, so I get clothes from the usual Forever21, Mango, Zara, Guess and Levi’s. I also like local brands such as Noel Caleb as the willingness of the Noel Caleb team to plan a meeting date and location for buyers, at the buyers’ convenience, to try clothes, is remarkable. Great for lazy shoppers! =)


Your Favorite Fashion Accessories?

I like simple things and I don’t pile a lot of accessories on myself when I go out. My favorite accessories would be watches. Necklaces and earrings are good for making the outfit work but I’m usually caught wearing a watch.

What Could You Do All Day & All Night Long?

 I can play puzzle games non-stop. They are absolutely therapeutic. Many people find that geeky. I don’t know what their definition of geeky is, how about you? 😉


You are on a flight and the guy sitting next to you falls asleep on your boobs… what do you do?

I would wake him up politely. If that fails, I would first take a photo of it, and then roughly shove him off. The photo is for evidence of inappropriate behaviour. After that, I would probably pray that he is not someone famous or of any importance. There are many times where people fall asleep and start invading my private space when I’m on the MRT.

Usually waking them up politely works. However, there was once where I decided to troll a guy (waking him up seems to work for only 10s and then he would go back to leaning on me) by jolting forward and getting off my seat. He fell and hit the side of the forehead. I felt really bad for him because he can possibly be injured but at the point in time many people on board the train were laughing as they all knew about how he had been leaning on everyone regardless of gender. He got the hint and stood up for the rest of his journey.


What Is Your Ideal Man Like?

Someone of good character and with a decent IQ. As what I have mentioned earlier, I like knowledgeable guys, not smart alecs. Many people have this misconception of me only accepting guys that are taller than me but I have actually went out with guys as short as 1.72m. No offense to anyone, but I am 1.8m tall, so from my viewpoint, I don’t find many people tall.

My ideal man should also be able to make me laugh as well as console me whenever I’m down. I don’t expect him to be perfect, but it would be great if our strengths and flaws can complement with each other. I am not perfect either, it would be more important to accept his shortcomings and adapt to each other BUT……there is a limit. Ha!

Photographer – Nahuey Photography
Stylist – Geraldine Lim
Make Up – Hana Leong


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