Wellendorff 120th Anniversary Celebration In Berlin


The Wellendorff family and models

Some jewelry are all about the flashy gems, while others are about the sensual pleasure of wearing, and none epitomizes the latter philosophy better than German jewelry house Wellendorff. Noted for its dedication to craftsmanship, the maison celebrated its 120th birthday with a gala dinner at Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin late last month. Guests indulged a sumptuous feast while admiring the various jewelry pieces on display.

The gala dinner also doubled up as a launch for the house’s latest concoctions. For those looking to gift their loved ones with a collectible jewellery item come Valentine’s Day, the Amulet of Harmony deserves special mention. Available in a limited edition of 120 worldwide, the spinning amulet is set with scintillating crystals and is marked with unique number on the inner loop.


Amulet of Harmony


Magic of Happiness ring


Magic of Harmony ring