WardrobeTrendsFashion Tops Twitter’s List In Singapore

Featured in Straits Times, Singapore’s broad papers, today on page A10  and Straits Times OnlineWardrobeTrendsFashion – Asia’s High Fashion & Luxury Online Portal Twitter account (@WTFSG) ranks Number One on the online social networking service, Twitter.

With about 535,000 followers, it tops the list of lifestyle news organisations in Singapore, according to official statistics released by US-based social media platform Twitter on Wednesday.

@WTFSG, which started in May 2011, has been steadily attracting followers with its constant stream of timely and accurate fashion & lifestyle news updates. The number of followers, a majority of which are from across South East Asia, mostly from Singapore and Hong Kong has been steadily increasing by about 22 per cent annually.

Other noteworthy people or organisations on the list includes Pastor Joseph Prince (7th), blogger Xiaxue (8th), Singapore Airlines (11th) and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (18th).


Read the article on Straits Times here.