THE DIRT RADICALS – Enter Destroyer


Three-piece progressive punk rock band The Dirt Radicals are looking set to penetrate new territory with their brand new album “Enter Destroyer,” adding a darker rock-infused edge to their signature punk sound.

‘Enter Destroyer’ is about the disintegration of society. It’s about people lying and cheating to get ahead in the world. It’s about the people who carelessly enter and exit others’ lives, nonchalantly leaving a trail of destruction behind them. It took us 1 year to complete, and roughly 6 months to write.” says Sam Cooper, 28, the band’s lead vocalist, bass player and songwriter.

“EnterDestroyer” features 13 tracks based on their life experiences spanning from the digital age (“iHate”), to an anthem against the rat race (“How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?”), to the troubled-souls they have encountered in life (“Demotivator”).


Not the entire album is about a jaded outlook of the human race however. Strong emotions about love and loss in relationships make up a good portion of the album’s tracks. The band’s first single “My Everything” is a So-Cal Punk sounding tune with back and forth vocals between all 3 members of the band about regret for messing up and taking a loved one for granted.” Pop Punk Left Me In A Pop Funk” is a reflective ballad about Sam’s own life struggles.

Look out for the other songs on the album that will keep you racing through a labyrinth of highs and lows including “March, April, Maybe” – A song about waiting for love in uncertainty, “Vinegar For Blood” – A lo-fi lullaby bidding an ex-lover farewell and 25, Alive – an adrenalin filled track about hitting a quarter-life crisis.

“Enter Destroyer” is scheduled to hit stores today, June 25th, 2013.

Grab your copy @ the following places:

HMV Singapore (worldwide)

iTunes (worldwide)

Check out The Dirt Radicals – Enter Destroyer (Album Trailer)

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