The 2 Bandits Jewelry Holiday 2013 Lookbook

With inspiration that comes from a mix of the designers two favorite things, music and southwest crafts, accessorizing with jewelry from The 2 Bandits will set yourself apart from the rest of the birds on the block. The designer, Tamar Wider started out making patchwork clothing and hemp necklaces, selling them on band tours and in high school out of the back of her car.

In this holiday 2013 lookbook you will find stunning parade of to-die-for necklaces, rings, earrings, belts, charms and boot trims characterized by a southwestern and north American vibe combined with a special vintage elegance and bohemian charm. With every new collection the label constantly evolves while staying true to the elements that make the collection what it is, the result, an unparalleled aesthetic and an absolutely irresistible beauty.