Soo Kee Adds Versace To Its Collections


Singapore-based Soo Kee Jewellery has added Versace Jewellery from Italy to its stable of international brands.

Introducing Elegance Colour and Maia from the Versace collection, the former is heavy on coloured stones with quartz, amethyst rounding off the bold rings, whereas the latter boasts fluid lines with softer rubies, sapphires and much-loved diamonds.

The fashion house has been angling to update its costume jewellery to go into the luxury jewellery market and this pair-up will be significant to both Versace and the Singaporean jewellery retailer. Apart from Versace, Soo Kee has acquired numerable collections internationally and have capitalised on well-known global brands with exquisite, tasteful collections for its sophisticated female target audience.