SK-II Christmas Limited Edition “Wings of Change”


This festive season, SK-II has given its iconic Facial Treatment Essence a stuning new look with a meaningful series of limited edition designs that celebrate the power of personal transformation and the will to change your destiny. SK-II has created these artistic “Wings of Change” bottles of the iconic beauty essence for the Christmas holiday season. These limited edition designs of the Facial Treatment Essence will make perfect gifts.

Themed “Wing of Change”, this series of designs draws inspiration from two of nature’s most beloved winged creatures – the butterfly and the hummingbird – to symbolize the beauty in transformation and the possibilities of soaring beyond your potential. Depicting these beautiful winged creatures on SK-II’s popular beauty essence marries the symbolism of flying high with the company’s philosophy of transformative beauty. Each bottle is adorned in a different color, and the three designs represent various stages in the journey to change your destiny – boldness, encouragement, and perseverance.

Breathing life into the empowering concept of “Wings of Change” through artistry and movement, SK-II has collaborated with Tom Kan, a renowned creative director and designer, to create a visually arresting short film that tells the story of a beautiful transformation. Bringing to life the inspiring metamorphosis of the butterfly, the short film captures a group of circus performers and dancers and they transition from the shape of a cocoon to a flurry of fluttering butterflies.