Photo Tips and Techniques To Impress Your Friends


It is always disappointing when you ask someone to to take a picture of you and it doesn’t turn out the way you would like. You get home from an amazing holiday, look back at your photos and realise that the breath taking scenery isn’t even included in the picture that your friend took for you.

Whether it is wedding photography, event photography or nature photography you want your photos to be spectacular. Trick your friends into thinking you are a professional photographer after taking awe-inspiring photos!

Don’t miss out on capturing the perfect moment with a bad photo. We have put together 5 simple tips for taking photos that will have your friends impressed the next time you are going through your photo albums. Use these tips for yourself or tell them to your friends the next time they are taking pictures for you.

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1. Don’t cut off peoples feet or head

Being a photographer myself it is always irritating when I get a picture taken and there is meters of sky but the picture is cut off right at my ankles. Not only does it look like you have shrunk but you can’t even show off your new shoes that were perfect for that outfit! Or vice versa and just the top of your head has some how managed to not make it in the picture. So rule number one, when you are taking a picture make sure you are paying attention to the entire image. Try to get the head and feet in the photo, especially if you are going for a full body picture.

2. Take a vertical and horizontal photo

Taking a vertical and horizontal picture with your friends will give them an option of which layout they prefer. This is specifically important when your are trying to capture the landscape in the background of a photo. Sometimes a horizontal picture can capture more of the landscape photography than a vertical photo will. Either way it is nice to take two photos so your friend can choose between which one turned out better.

3. Move it from the middle

Your photos will be much more interesting if the subject isn’t consistently placed in the middle. Use the rule of thirds and place your subject in one of the corners of the screen instead. This will work great when you are trying to capture statues in the background, works of art or a beautiful landscape. Not only will you be able to capture more of the background but the photos will turn out much more appealing.


4. Watch the light

Lighting in a photo is critical. When taking a photo for your friends make sure you are looking at how the lighting is affecting it. Look at how the shadows are falling on your subject and try to direct your friends about where the picture might benefit from different lighting. Also make sure the sun is behind the photographer and not the subject. Shooting pictures into the sun will make it impossible to see the faces of your friends.

Lighting in portrait photography can completely change the mood and feeling that is portrayed by a photo. So check out the lighting before snapping a photo of your friends. If in doubt, take a few photos so you can choose your favourite later.

5. Take a close up and a wide view

Again it is considerate to provide your friends with options. Ask them before you take a picture if they want a close up or wide view photo, or just offer to take one of each. Take in to consideration if what the background looks like and what is going to be included in the wide view photo. If you are taking a close up photo pay attention to where you are cropping it. Be sure that zooming in isn’t cutting off someone’s feet or heads, or cut the person at mid torso up.

Impress with Your Photography Skills

Next time you are taking photos of your friends impress them with your photography skills. With these great photography tips your friends will be dieing to share their photos. So next time you find yourself behind the lens remember to keep these simple tips in mind and take a few photos for the best results.