Osim Singapore Special Edition uDivine Sport


More racing-inspired design to get you in the mood for the coming Singapore Grand Prix: Osim has released the special edition uDivine Sport, an ultra-luxe massage chair inspired by the plush interiors of supercars.

With Osim’s patented Human-3D Massage technology, the uDivine Sport comes with the softest, finest leather upholstery in a rich orange-brown shade, and is lined with carbon fiber-inspired material. The innovative Synchronised Massage Technology transposes audio effects from any song, film or virtual game into a simultaenous tapping massage for your lower back.

“No one has thought to bring massage to an entertainment level which is what we’ve done with the uDivine Sport,” says Lynn Tan, Osim’s Assistant General Manager. Whether it’s an exciting new game, latest music video or thrilling movie, one is immersed in the performance with an unlimited variety of lower back massages synchronized to every beat and tempo of your favorite song, movie or game.”

“Sitting in a uDivine Sport is like sinking into the seat of an ultra-luxurious sports car. But instead of going ‘vroom’, it will make you go ‘ooohh!'”