New Members Of The Famous Grouse Lands In HK


The Famous Grouse hosted a glitter n’ glam extravaganza to celebrate the landing of – metaphorically speaking of course – The Snow Grouse, The Black Grouse and The Naked Grouse in Hong Kong on August 24. Staged at the swanky La Lavande, whisky connoisseurs and the city’s top glitterati soared in for the launch.

To be served straight from the freezer at -18°, The Snow Grouse is made from grain spirit and matured in oak casks before being gently chill-filtered, creating a uniquely smooth taste with sweet notes of vanilla. Spirits writer Ian Wisniewski comments: “The Snow Grouse exemplifies what grain whiskies can achieve, offering elegance while also delivering a range of great flavours with a sense of style and sophistication”.


A blend of The Famous Grouse with fine Islay malt whiskies, The Black Grouse is a smooth and peated whisky. Helen Potter, innovation and development manager for The Famous Grouse, comments: “At first taste you’ll be surprised by the rich, flavoursome smoky influence of the peated malt whisky, then you’ll experience the trademark smoothness of The Famous Grouse.The finish is long, smoky and aromatic and a just reward for embracing the darker side of Scotland’s favourite whisky”


Using 100% natural ingredients, The Naked Grouse is aged in the sweetest sherried oak casks to create a rich, smooth and easy-to-drink blend. Spirits writer Paul Pacult comments: “The taste is succulent, creamy, and sweet. Highly recommended”.