Montblanc Emblem Intense


Crafted in the desire to unite Montblanc’s classic design with unique materials, the Montblanc Emblem Intense takes inspiration from the Meisterstück Solitaire Royal Legrand fountain pen. Born from the desire of a unique and bright design, Montblanc Emblem Intense covers itself with a metallic silver finishing. The essential, heavy, truly extraordinary bottle changes its color – no longer black but lacquered in metal, and “über chic”. This bold approach, is evident in the fragrance’s character as well.

In the top notes, you will be immediately surprised by an explosion of freshness, a cocktail of citrus, leaves and cold spices, a refreshing blend of Grapefruit, Clary Sage and a duo of Cardamom and Coriander Seeds. The intense and elegant heart notes reveal the signature accord of crispy Frosted Violet Leaves. Wrapped in fruity Pomarose (an exclusive ingredient with baked apple tones) the warmth of the heart is enhanced with spicy notes of Nutmeg and Cinnamon Bark. In the drydown, precious woods highlighted by deep tones of patchouli are exquisitely blended with a refined velvet Suede Accord, revealing an amazingly intense masculinity. Combined with addictive Tonka Beans, Emblem Intense exudes a deep sensuality and lets its powerful signature, develop into a masculine trail.

All men change according to the time of day, their mood or the weather. A man who wears Emblem Intense is self-assured, noble and disciplined. He has conviction, strong virility and taste for modernity, sharp lines and high-tech tools. He likes to decide, arbitrate and impose. This facet of his personality is like second nature. With its focus on remarkable details rather than a smooth blend and a strong position rather than a compromise, Emblem Intense is perfect for men with character.