Michael Kors Jet Set Experience – Runway Show


Last week, Michael Kors took to exotic Shanghai to celebrate the brand’s first China flagship store, introducing the Asian fashion capital to its brand DNA – the Jet Set Experience.

This was an epic party we’re talking about, set in a private 30,000-square-foot jet hangar, with a roster consisting only models-of-the-moment on a catwalk with a 360-degree projected backdrop – completely immersive with state-of-the-art LEDs, strobes and special effects. A perfect way to illustrate the fast-paced glamour and global appeal of Michael Kors.

Think Michael Kors, and certain key words come to mind: Chic. Luxe. Sexy. Sporty. Comfy.

Since the Michael Kors jet-setter flits through New York, Shanghai, Capri, St. Moritz and back again, she needs a wardrobe that works across the globe. ”My muse can be any woman – whether she’s a model, a celebrity, or a regular woman juggling her busy life – I believe in effortless clothes that are impeccably chic no matter where you go,” Kors explained.

And while the idea of the jet set lifestyle might seem pretty intimidating, rest assured that no one does accessibility quite like Michael Kors. His designs are always age-appropriate; with enough simplicity to showcase the woman first, providing movement and comfort in her sex appeal. Simply put, Michael Kors knows how to make all women feel good, and therein lies his global appeal (you really can’t argue when the company has over 500 stores in 94 countries … with an ambitious five-year expansion plan to boot).

The presentation was divided into three groups – jetting from Capri to the French Alps, before landing in big city Shanghai.

Check out the official video highlighting the grand event after the jump below.

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Miranda Kerr