Maurice Lacroix Flagship Boutique Opening


Dicky Cheung

Maurice Lacroix had the Grand Opening for their new flagship store in Singapore on 9 November, their first mono-brand boutique in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.

It is not surprising to embark their expansion programme in Malaysia, after learning in March this year, Malaysia is one of the top markets of Maurice Lacroix. And with Singapore, the brand is focusing to enlarge and grow its market share in the South-East Asia region.

The minimalist decorated 400 square-foot Singapore Flagship store is located in Marina Square,one of the high traffic area malls.

To celebrate the key occasion, Maurice Lacroix invited their first Asia brand ambassador – Mr. Dicky Cheung, singer and actor who has continued to strive hard for more than 20 years to better off his career, which has synonymous quality as Maurice Lacroix’s “Follow your convictions” philosophy.


Paul Foster


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