This $10,000 Toilet Is the Ultimate Indulgence


The Japanese do their business in style – their toilet business, that is. For those of you who have been to Japan, you know what we’re talking about. Enter state-of-the-art, advanced toilets with heated seats, the ability to clean itself, and a noise-making feature to drown out any noises for extra privacy. Don’t forget the all-time-favorite Posterior Wash for superior cleanliness and maximum comfort, since water temperature and pressure levels are customizable to your preference.

Smart toilets are not new to the Japanese, but the Neorest 750H Dual Flush Toilet is something special. This revolutionary innovation by Toto stakes its claim as the luxury intelligent toilet to covet after, with enviable features like the Actilight to break down any nasties in the bowl, which are rinsed with ewater+. An auto lid also detects an approaching posterior, opening or closing appropriately.

The luxury bowl is also equipped with the aptly named Tornado Flush, where two powerful nozzles create a tornado-like blend of energy and water for an eco-friendly yet powerful flush.

With these snazzy new features and a super posh update to the usual (already fabulous) typical Japanese toilet functions, you’ve got yourself a winner – and all its $10,000 worth, if not more.