List Of Asia’s Top 50 Richest Families 2016 Ranking

With a combined wealth of $29.6 billion, South Korea’s Lee family behind the storied Samsung Group is the richest family in Asia, according to the 2016 Forbes list of Asia’s Riches Families. Thailand’s Chearavanont family, which runs the Charoen Pokphand Group, ranked 2nd on the top-earning families in the continent, with a net worth of $27.7 billion.

The Ambani family from India saw their wealth rise from US$21.5 billion last year to US$25.8 billion this year and they are now sitting on the third spot.

Indian families stood out on the list, with 17 out of the top 50 families hailing from India,  up from 14 last year.

The Kwok family from Hong Kong claimed the fourth spot with a wealth of US$25.2 billion.

The minimum net wealth to qualify for the list was $3.4 billion. Collectively, the top 50 richest families are worth $519 billion.

(Photo: Blue Jean Images | Getty Images via CNBC)


Rounding up the Top 50 Richest Families in Asia are:

Ranking#Family NamesCountryNetworth
1LeeSouth Korea$29.6 billion
2ChearavanontThailand$27.7 billion
3AmbaniIndia$25.8 billion
4KwokHong Kong$25.2 billion
5LeeHong Kong$24.7 billion
6HartonoIndonesia$18.6 billion
7Kwek/QuekSingapore, Malaysia$18.5 billion
8ChengHong Kong$17.3 billion
9Tsai (Financial)Taiwan$15.3 billion
10HindujaIndia, UK$14.9 billion
11PremjiIndia$14.6 billion
12ChungSouth Korea$14.5 billion
13MistryIndia$14 billion
14ChirathivatThailand$13.8 billion
15KuokSingapore$13.4 billion
16MittalIndia$13.2 billion
17SyPhilippines$12.8 billion
18SajiJapan$12.7 billion
19GodrejIndia$12.3 billion
20PaoHong Kong$11.3 billion
21KadoorieHong Kong$9.9 billion
22BirlaIndia$9.6 billion
23NgSingapore$8.7 billion
24MoriJapan$8.6 billion
25WidjajaIndonesia$7 billion
26BajajIndia$6.9 billion
27LawHong Kong$6.5 billion
28LohiaIndonesia$6.3 billion
29KhooSingapore$6.2 billion
30KooSouth Korea$6 billion
31BurmanIndia$5.8 billion
32BangurIndia$5.75 billion
33SalimIndonesia$5.7 billion
34Tsai (Eng-Meng)Taiwan$5.6 billion
35KweeSingapore$5.4 billion
36LalIndia$5.3 billion
37ZobelPhilippines$5.1 billion
38JindalIndia$5 billion
39AboitizPhilippines$4.95 billion
40PatelIndia$4.9 billion
41Wee Singapore$4.6 billion
42MunjalIndia$4.3 billion
43Kushal Pal SinghIndia$4.26 billion
44LimMalaysia$4.25 billion
45LoHong Kong$4.2 billion
46HiranandaniSingapore$3.8 billion
47KooTaiwan$3.7 billion
48DhingraIndia$3.6 billion
49ChoSouth Korea$3.5 billion
50PiramalIndia$3.4 billion