La Perla & Scavia “Jewelry on the Body” In Singapore


It’s called Jewelry on the Body and is a case where less is definitely more. Lingerie brand La Perla and jeweler Scavia have come together to create distinctive jewelry meant to enhance the seductive appeal of lingerie. Master jeweler Fulvio Maria Scavia created the pieces seen here at the La Perla boutique in Singapore specifically to go with the sensual inner wear of La Perla.

The results are decidedly intoxicating, possessed of a deliciously and appropriately decadent aesthetic. Vulgarity is entirely absent because Scavia intended these creations for “women who are dynamic, sophisticated and intriguing,” in his own words.

From a pure craft perspective, we can attest to the innovative character of Scavia’s creations. In one telling example, the jeweler used a large-carat diamond that was on the murky side of clarity and had a dash of yellow to it. This unusual diamond was given life through a wildly creative non-standard cut that would have been ludicrous in a colorless inclusion-free stone. No more than 50 pieces of Jewelry on the Body will be produced, with Scavia suggesting that unique creations are possible.